Cottonwood Pass – Lombard Trail

Looking at Mt. Potosi from Cottonwood Pass

In 1942, TWA flight 3 crashed into Mt. Potosi, killing all 21 people on-board.  Carole Lombard was one of those killed.  At the time, she was one of the biggest starlets in Hollywood (if not the biggest).  Besides her own impressive career, she was also famous for being the wife of the biggest actor at the time, Clark Gable.  The crash site is difficult to get to, which made the recovery effort extend over several days.  While the recovery effort was underway, Clark Gable stayed at the bar in Goodsprings, NV, awaiting news (there is a section of the bar still dedicated to the crash).  There are still artifacts from the crash site, as well as human remains, so please be respectful and don’t take anything.

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