Falling Man

Falling Man, Gold Butte, Petroglyphs, Pictographs, Rock Art, Nevada
One of the MANY petroglyph panels at the Falling Man site

The Falling Man site is located near Gold Butte, just a few miles off the Gold Butte Back Country Byway.  This is one of the most stunning landscapes in the Southwest…beautifully colored Aztec sandstone.  The rock art in this location has many layers of history and I’ve read dates that they range from 700 years to 7,000 years old.  The name of the site comes from a single image of a man that appears to be falling, located on the cliff wall.  Based on the image and its location, it’s easy to think that this was some form of memorial for an individual that fell from the cliff above.  While I’ve read from multiple sources that this is the only known depiction of a “falling person,” I’ve since come across one or two more in other areas.

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