Pine Creek Canyon & Fern Canyon

The Pine Creek Canyon trail is located within Red Rock National Conservation Area (RRNCA) in the Summerlin area, just outside Las Vegas.  Its close proximity to Las Vegas (only about 15 miles from The Strip) make it a very popular area (and crowded, too!).  Luckily, it’s a big enough area surrounded by the La Madre mountains and BLM land where you can avoid the crowds.  There’s a 13-mile paved road loop that goes through the park, where many of the main trailheads are located.  The parking for this trail is off the loop and can get crowded, although you can go beyond the “wilderness” boundary to extend the hike as far as you’d like.  If you’re looking for an easy hike that’s close to The Strip, this would be a good start.

Please click on the images below.

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