Arrow Canyon

One of the many densely packed petroglyph panels

Arrow Canyon is part of the Pahranagat Wash, north of Las Vegas by about 50 miles.  Outside the entrance to the canyon, there are many fossilized sea sponges, coral, etc.  Closer to the entrance to the canyon are several densely packed petroglyph panels, with all different kinds of designs.  These petroglyphs are thought to be thousands of years old (I’ve read estimates anywhere from 4,000 – 8,000 years old).  Within the canyon itself, the walls are 200′ to 300′ high and it narrows dramatically, to as close as 10′ between the walls (but, not your traditional “slot canyon”).  Within the canyon, there are occasional petroglyphs sprinkled throughout.  There’s also the oldest graffiti I’ve come across, with names and dates from the 1870’s (this must be one of the earliest non-Native Americans to have come through this area).  The northern end of the canyon ends at an old dam, on the other side of the dam is War Shield Canyon.

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