War Shield Canyon

One of the main panels at War Shield Canyon, Upper Pahranagat Wash in Arrow Canyon

War Shield Canyon is in the northern section of the Pahranagat Wash and Arrow Canyon in Clark County, NV.  The Arrow Canyon Wilderness Area covers a little over 27,000 acres.  The name comes from the large amount of petroglyphs that line the canyon walls resembling Native American war shields.  These petroglyphs are quite rare & unique, as they’re etched into sandstone, thus making them hard to see in direct sunlight.  They are also considered some of the oldest in North America.  The Moapa Band of Paiutes still live in this area and it’s assumed their ancestors left these etchings (although no one can be certain).  At the very southern end of War Shield Canyon is an old dam, on the other side of the dam is Arrow Canyon.

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