Mouse’s Tank

Mouse's Tank, Valley of Fire, Nevada, Moapa Valley, Petroglyphs, Rock Art

Mouse’s Tank is located in the awesome Valley of Fire in southern Nevada.  The park’s official trail is rather short, just 0.6 miles.  But, I’d suggest getting off the trail and exploring and climbing all around this area, as there are lots of hidden petroglyphs (around 4,000 years old) and beautiful rock structures spread throughout.  A tank is just another name for a body of water.  Mouse’s Tank got it’s name from a Southern Pauite Indian with the nickname “Little Mouse.”  He was wanted by the law in the 1890’s for the suspected murders of two prospectors.  Mouse was able to successfully hide out in this area for several years & evade capture, making use of the water in the “tank” to survive.  Little Mouse was eventually surrounded and killed by a posse, but not at the tank, rather several miles away near the Muddy river.

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