Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire, Petrified Wood, Moapa Valley, Nevada
Typical scenery in Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire state park is an amazing place, located about an hour drive from Las Vegas.  The park can get crowded on weekends, but has a lot to offer.  There are some truly stunning rock formations, dominated by the red Aztec sandstone.  But, the amount of colors and changing geology makes this a special place.  It’s also located right next to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  The park contains a large amount of ancient rock art, primarily in the form of petroglyphs.  Many of these rock art locations are well known and publicized by the park.  But, if you spend some time hiking around lesser known areas (off the main trails), you’ll find plenty of rock art located throughout the park.  Please check out my other galleries listing specific sites within the park:
Arch Rock
Atlatl Rock & surrounding area
Fire Wave
Lone Rock
Mouse’s Tank
Prospect Trail

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