Sloan Canyon

One of the 1,700 petroglyphs in Sloan Canyon

Sloan Canyon Conservation Area covers almost 49,000 acres in southern Nevada, abutting the ever-encroaching neighborhoods of Henderson.  In fact, there is a new easy-to-access road from the new neighborhoods that are still under development.  It makes for a very easy hike to the main rock art site.  This is both a good and bad thing (good because more people can see the rock art, bad because more people!).  There’s over 300 rock art panels with around 1,700 different petroglyphs.  If you want to make the hike in/out of Sloan Canyon more interesting, enter from the opposite side of the mountain range, coming from the Jean Dry Lake area.   This will give you some great views of The Strip in the distance and keep you away from any other hikers/crowds.

Click on an image below to see it in more detail.

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