Tikaboo Peak

The base at Area 51

Tikaboo Peak is famous (infamous?) for being the only place left where you can see the base at Area 51.  The base itself is about 26 miles from the summit, so you’ll need a telephoto lens and binoculars.  Besides seeing Area 51, it’s a beautiful hike in the Pahranagat Range (Lincoln County).  It’s about a 28-mile offroad drive, starting by the Pahranagat Lakes in Alamo, NV.  The drive starts in the low desert, slowly working your way up the elevation to high pine country.  Most of the offroading is relatively easy, up until the last 5 – 8 miles, which will require a high-clearance 4-wheel drive.  The hike is somewhat short, but has some pretty challenging sections.  There’s a 1.1 mile section that is very steep and full of loose scree…it feels like for every 2-steps you take, you slide back down 1.

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